Cabbage Soup Diet Exposed

You might have assumed that the Cabbage Soup Diet is just about eating cabbage soup for the entire week. You can actually vary the cabbage soup recipes to give the soup a different taste each day, but actually the Cabbage Soup Diet does not only consists of cabbages alone.

The typical claimed intent of the diet is to lose 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of weight in a week, though nutritional experts point out that it is impossible to lose that much fat within a week.

During the diet, you are entitled to eat all the cabbage soup you want for the whole week, but there are also other varieties of food you can eat during your diet.

This is not a diet that would cause you to starve. However, you are to only eat certain kind of foods each day and the foods change every other day.

After some time, you will realize that you can stay fuller longer and would rarely get hungry. The only down side to the Cabbage Soup Diet is the absence of several mouth-watering dishes from the food plan like brownies, ice cream, sweet potato casserole and pizza.

The person can eat as much soup and drink as much water as they would like but they are to follow a very strict diet of other foods. This requires a minimum of seven days of commitment. It has to be understood that the Cabbage Soup Diet is not a long-term solution. Though, it will definitely aid the person to lose weight!

The Cabbage Soup (soup is a combination of cabbage, onions, and tomatoes, flavored with bouillon, onion soup mix and tomato juice) Diet is highly popular with Americans who are weight conscious. It is said that an increasing number of Americans are following on the diet.

The 7 days food plan goes as follows:

Day 1 - Beef and tomatoes

Day 2 - Bananas and skimmed milk

Day 3 – Vegetables

Day 4 - Beef and vegetables no potatoes

Day 5 - Brown rice, vegetables no potatoes

Day 6-Fruit as you like, no bananas

Day 7 - Fruit and vegetables no potatoes and bananas

It has been proven that the Cabbage Soup Diet does work, but unfortunately, the results does not last. As such, one might gain weight as quickly as it came off. The good thing about this diet is that it is relatively easy to keep up with. The only down side is that it requires a lot of cooking. Most of the time, people who need a quick fix for upcoming event use this diet.

The soup makes a good low-calorie filler meal, but is not substantial enough to be relied upon as a dietary staple.

Make an effort to prepare the best cabbage soup daily, as this would definitely help to fill your stomach and hinder you from eating more. Follow this up with a sound plan for eating and exercises to raise your metabolism and in a few weeks you can make great improvements in how you look.

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