Healthy Diets for teens

For teenager, weight loss is a perpetual issue. During the times of raging hormones and attempting to adapt to their changing bodies, you’ll find teens complaining endlessly of their looks, especially their weight. Teenagers have different health needs than children and adults, but they are not always aware of what makes a good and healthy diet for them.

Between physical changes, hormonal changes, and lifestyle changes, teenagers encounter a variety of influences that have bearing on their physical health. As such, it is important for parents to monitor their children’s diet, for a healthier growth. It has been found out that teens that have the support of their families show better results in weight reduction programs that those teens that go about the program on their own.

Here are some guidelines that could help in providing a healthy diet for your teen:

1. Help your teen understand the basics about proper nutrition. Do try to teach your teen on various ways how to prepare a simple healthy meal by either stir frying, grilling, baking or boiling. Prevent them from deep-frying everything. Instead of using butter, margarine and gravy, it would be best if you advice your teens to use dried or fresh spices and herbs as flavor enhancers to their meals. Do teach them to remove the fat from meat and skin from poultry.

2. A healthy diet also consists of workouts. Encourage your teen to exercise too lose those extra pounds. Teens need more physical activity than just pushing buttons on a cell phone. Being physically active not only keeps your teen in shape, but it will also ward off any diseases. Encourage him or her to participate in team sports or go for evening walks with you.

3. Despite the urgent need to shed those extra pounds, it is very important that your teen does not skip his or her meal. Eating at least 3 meals per day is largely essential for a healthy diet for teens. By skipping breakfast, it might affect greatly the teen’s performance at school for the day. Eating snacks is a habit; so try to make your teen switch to fruits instead. You can also try to plan their meals ahead of time to ensure that your teen practices a healthy diet.

4. For a healthy teen diet, avoid excessive salt and sugar. Such foods with high sugar and salt content can cause dizziness, jitters, sweating, sleepiness and intense hunger two to three hours later. Taking sweets in moderation is acceptable, but if taken excessively, it could lead to obesity. Get your teens to cut down on sugary drinks. These drinks might be energy giving, but they do not provide minerals, vitamins, fiber or proteins for the growing body. Sugar-free drinks and plain water would be the ideal choice.

5. Giving your teen vitamins can be part of the healthy diet too. Sometimes, teens have less than ideal diets due to their hectic schedule and activities. Choose one preferably with calcium.

It is important to note that diet pills are definitely out of the list of ways to lose weight. These pills can be very dangerous to you teen’s health even if it is taken with a doctor’s prescription. It is advisable to go about losing weight without the help of diet drugs. It will encourage the teen to be more disciplined and responsible for his or her own weight.

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