All about the lemonade diet

Ever heard of The Master Cleanse? Then does The Lemonade Diet rings a bell? The Lemonade diet is The Master Cleanse. As the diet’s name suggests, the main ingredient to this diet is lemon juice! Cayenne pepper and maple syrup are also included to eliminate the sour taste of lemon. To this day, the lemonade diet is named to be the most effective “cleansing” diet.

As it is after all just a diet to help in cleansing your body, do not mistaken the Lemonade Diet as the ideal diet to weight loss. It is not! You might have heard of people shedding weight while they tried on the lemonade diet. It is true, but the weight loss is only temporary and they will put on the weight loss as soon as they adopt their normal lifestyle. The lemonade diet is to help in body detoxification only. It is just like another form of fasting.

In the usual fast, you are only allowed to drink pure water. For the lemonade diet, you are to drink fresh lemon juice, mixed with a little bit of cayenne pepper, water and some sweet maple syrup. Other than drinking the lemonade juice, you are to drink an additional cup of salty water in the mornings. This is to aid you in your bowels movement. And as for the evenings, sit down and have a warm cup of Senna tea. This tea also has the same purpose as the salt water.

Go on with this diet for about 10 days, and you will start seeing results! As a side note, check with your dietician first if the lemonade diet is suitable for you. If this diet really suits your body, you can reap numerous health benefits like reduced joint pains and feeling more active. The lemonade diet is so successful that some even decided to fast as long as a month!There are others who beg to differ with the effectiveness of the lemonade diet. For instance, some believed that the body is naturally able to cleanse itself, therefore why the need for this diet? The reason is that over the years, our body gets more and more intoxicated and while the body is able to cleanse is naturally, it is still not 100% clean. As such, with the use of the lemonade diet, our body will be kept “cleaner”, leaving us healthier. It is amazing how some even claimed that they feel so rejuvenated that it felt as if they are in their youth again!

Give the lemonade diet a try once in a while, and you will be looking forward to healthier, detoxified body!

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