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The world-famous Rice Diet has specialized in the prevention, treatment and reversal of obesity, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease since 1930’s. It is believed that it can reverse disease and cause weight loss. While fad diets have come and gone, the Rice Diet has evolved through the years into a proven program for improving health.

The diet, not unlike many of the recent fad diets, is based on carbohydrate intake. Your Diet should have less sodium and more fiber. At no time is caffeine allowed, and salt is highly restricted. Excess salt in the blood can lead to several medical problems and is considered a major factor in hypertension. By limiting salt you will be able to reduce the risk of these diseases. Many people give it up after a couple of days because they don’t know how to do it right.

Basically, there are 3 phases in Rice Diet: Detoxification, weight loss and maintenance

Phase 1

Detoxification: This is to cleanse your body and palate to appreciate flavors in the long term. It is a 1-week duration with an average of 6800cal/week. You are to eat mainly fruits and grains, and some vegetables, beans and non-fat milk (soy, cow, grain).
The rice diet food list for phase 1 includes lean cut beef, cheese, eggs, lamb, pork, seafood, vegetables, oil, veal, tofu, nuts, and dairy.

Phase 2

Weight loss:  You are to follow until you achieve your goal weight. The total number of calories you should take is 6800-7000cal per week. The same foods are allowed as per phase 1, but only one serve of protein per week (fish, or dairy/eggs/lean meat) is allowed.

Non-fat dairy products, fish and lean meats can be used depending upon one’s physical condition.

Phase 3

Maintenance: Follow lifelong once goal weight is reached. At this phase, the foods allowed are the same as Phase 2, but larger in quantity. Total calories intake should be at the average of 7400cal per week. Tailor the diet to your needs.
Keep in mind that the end result of rice diet program purely depends on how well an individual follows the diet recommendations. Hence make sure that you follow it correctly.

To conclude, rice diet program is much effective than most of the text book diets proposed by the so-called expert nutritionist and dietitians. But the ultimate result depends on how effectively one has followed its recommendations.

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